Patlatma Taş Nasıl Uygulanır?

How is Blasting Stone Applied?


    Follow the steps below for natural blasting stone application:


         1. First of all, clean the area you will apply from dust.

         2. Then prepare the adhesive mortar. You can use special natural stone adhesives or flex-based ceramic, granite, marble bonding mortars as adhesive mortar.

         3. Apply the adhesive mortar to the application area with a trowel and scrape off the excess mortar with an 8 mm comb.

         4. Adhere the natural blast stones by pressing them onto the mortar. Tamp each area of the mold.

         5. Use spiral (ceramic cutting disc) to cut natural blast stones.


    Here are the things you should pay attention to when applying natural split face stone:


         1. The floor or wall surface to be applied must be suitable for bonding (rough plaster, plaster or, if painted, exposed concrete lining).

         2. Appropriate and high quality adhesive material should be selected according to the area you will use and the natural stone. Generally, ceramic, granite or stone adhesive mortar is used.

         3. When attaching mesh natural blast stone molds to the wall, the nails should be placed from the top, not from the side.


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