Doğal Tuğla
Natural Brick
Culture Brick
MS-72 Doğal Tuğla (Beyaz Derz)
MS-72 Doğal Tuğla (Beyaz Derz)
MS-72 Doğal Tuğla (Siyah Derz)
MS-72 Doğal Tuğla (Siyah Derz)

Natural Brick

  • 5x18 cm
    Average Size
  • 24 kg
    Average Weight
  • 2 cm
    Average Thickness
  • Long-lived
    Durable Material
  • Heat insulation
  • %100 Natural
    Harmless to Health
  • Light Material
    Easy to use

Natural Brick | 100% Soil | 900 °C Cooking


Natural brick is a wall covering material obtained from 100% soil and fired at 900 °C. Natural brick gives walls a warm and natural look with its natural colors and texture. Natural brick is durable, solid, heat-insulating, soundproof and fire resistant. Natural brick can be used indoors and outdoors for decorative purposes.


Natural brick is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material. No chemicals are used during the production of natural bricks. Natural brick preserves the natural structure of the soil and does not harm the nature. Natural brick adds both aesthetic and functional value to your home. Beautify your home and protect nature with natural brick. Contact us now. Order before we run out of limited stock and take advantage of discounted prices. Create your dream home with natural brick.

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