Culture Stone
MS 801 Zimbera Desert
MS 801 Zimbera Desert
MS 802 Zimbera  Grey
MS 802 Zimbera Grey
MS 803 Zimbera Mustard
MS 803 Zimbera Mustard


  • 4x25 cm
    Average Size
  • 32 kg
    Average Weight
  • 3-5 cm
    Average Thickness
  • Long-lived
    Durable Material
  • Iron Oxide Paint
    All Surface Coated
  • Heat insulation
  • Light Material
    Easy to use

Zimbera Culture Stone

Zimbera culture stone UV resistant iron oxide pigments are used not only on its surface but also in its mortar. Thus, when the stones are cut, their naturalness from the edges does not deteriorate. Cultured stone is a popular choice for architectural and interior design applications because it provides the look and feel of natural stone at a more affordable price, and is also generally lighter and easier to install than natural stone. It is commonly used for accent walls, fireplaces and siding in residential and commercial buildings.

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