135 Scabos
Natural Split Stone
135- Scabos
135- Scabos

135 Scabos

  • 4x10 cm
    Average Size
  • 35 kg
    Average Weight
  • 17 mm
    Average Thickness
  • Long-lived
    Durable Material
  • %100 Natural
    Harmless to Health
  • Light Material
    Easy to use

These stones, which were cut and exploded in the dimensions of 40x100mm with an average thickness of 17mm, were glued to the net to facilitate the application on the wall and 320x335 molds were formed.

Our products are shot with our own cameras.

Since the stones are natural, color tones can be encountered at the rate of -/+ 5% according to the production period.

Our products are stored in cardboard boxes.

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