3D Sur
111 3D Sur
Natural Split Stone
111- 3D Sur
111- 3D Sur

111 3D Sur

  • 2,5x2,5 cm
    Average Size
  • 28 kg
    Average Weight
  • 12 mm
    Average Thickness
  • Long-lived
    Durable Material
  • %100 Natural
    Harmless to Health
  • Light Material
    Easy to use

For its three-dimensional appearance, cut in 25 x 25 mm dimensions, the stones were blasted at different levels and lined up carefully, and 300x300 mm molds with mesh were created with the help of solvent.

There are 5 molds in the cardboard box.

The product was shot with our own camera.

Depending on the natural structure of the rock, there may be tonal differences of -/+ 5%.

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