110 Onyx
Natural Split Stone
110- Onyx
110- Onyx

110 Onyx

  • 2,5x5 cm
    Average Size
  • 30 kg
    Average Weight
  • 12 mm
    Average Thickness
  • Long-lived
    Durable Material
  • %100 Natural
    Harmless to Health
  • Light Material
    Easy to use

Onyx is in the group of semi-precious stones.

It is a kind of agate stone largely composed of silicon minerals.

This stone, which is found in the Elazig Region, is in the class of rare stones in the world.

Due to its light transmittance feature, it has found its place in the most elegant places in the decorative stone sector and has become the favorite stone of architects.

These stones, which were cut and exploded in 25x50mm dimensions with an average thickness of 12mm, were formed into 300x325mm molds that were glued to the net with the help of solvent to facilitate the application on the wall.

Product photos were taken with our own camera.

Since the stones are natural, there may be -,+5% ton differences depending on the rock.

Average weight is 28kg per 1m².

Our products are stored in cardboard boxes.

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