About Us

    We started our journey to give your walls "Textures from History" in the production of culture stone and culture brick.

    As a family profession that continues from father to son, we served in stone, ceramic and tile applications from 1970s to 2007.

    In the following years, we established the MERART brand with the inspiration we received from the marble art. With the developing technology, we started the production of decorative natural split face stone right after the precise cuts of granite and ceramics.

    We offer a wide selection to our customers by working with most of the marble colors that are currently available in our country.

    Inspired by historical textures, we increased our product range and decided to carry the traces of the past into living spaces.

    In 2016, we got positive results from the R&D studies of cultured bricks and cultured stones used in wall cladding and started mass production.

    We started exporting in 2014 and we continue to serve within our own structure with more than 50 employees.

    Today, we continue production in the factory built on a total area of 11000m2 with a closed area of 4500m².

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