Our Difference

    Lightweight: The lightest stone is produced by our company. The light weight of the culture stone and culture brick reduces the risk of falling from the wall. The raw materials used in production are prepared with the technological machines we have designed and they are put into production after quality tests are done in the laboratory.


    Strength: It has a high adhesion feature compatible with the adhesive mortar. Thanks to the holes created on the back surface of the stone, the adhesion and adhesion strength of the stone on the wall increases.


    Insulation Value: Thanks to the air spaces created in the stone with high-tech machines, our stones add a decorative value to the walls as well as provide sound and heat insulation on the walls.


    Standards: It is produced in high quality standards (ISO, TSE, CE).


    Special for Professionals: All of our products have textures. Our stone and brick textures compatible with the programs used by architects and designers (Lumion, Sketchup, 3Ds Max, Blender, Archicad) are offered to professionals free of charge.


    Corner Stone: Cornerstones of our cultured stone and brick models are manufactured for a realistic stone wall appearance to your projects.


    Capacity: Freedom of choice for your projects is offered with more than 100 stone models, realistic color and texture works on a total area of 11000m², including 4500m² closed and 6400m² open area.

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